Map Manager Tabs Show/Hide Bug

LKHO shared this problem 7 years ago

I have accidentally and carelessly unchecked all the tabs in the Map Manager`s Action Bar menu, and it did let me to do so. After I restart Map Manager, there is no tabs at all and the Action Bar is empty, even the menu button is disappeared and now I can neither restore the tabs nor change any maps. Can I edit any config file to override the settings?

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I`m really sorry you`re frustrated. If I saw it, it make me smile, sorry .. it`s quite funny issue :)

Anyway, it`s fixed now, so menu button will be visible even when no tab is not visible. And how to quickly solve it? Best is to reset locus or restore settings from backup. It`s available in functions > backup manager and tap in section "Complete" on "Restore", choose file (last from auto directory) and restore just settings!

Once more sorry for this!