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mapping my gpx file field names to what Locus can display

Alan Gornik shared this question 9 years ago

When I create a gpx file with various field names from my csv poi database, how do I know if that will work in Locus and what fields you will map them too? Can I only use the typical 4 fields like - lat, lon, name, comment ? What I am trying to do is create a point set for local restaurants that would show name, description, address/city/ST, phone #, plus 3 more fields to indicate 1) y/n if I have visited, 2)the type of cuisine (American, Mexican, pizza, etc.) and 3) a misc note field. Thank you!

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Well I figured it out on my own. Name, lat, long, description, address (concatenated address, city, state), phone and comment (where I put the cuisine type) work perfectly. Time to go out and get some food!


As you found Alan. There are currently no special tags that Locus handle as addition to common GPX tags.

Best way in this case is to use existing. So if you want add three more parameters, it should be useful to format them into small html table and insert this table to <desc> tab, for example ...

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