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Lucio Dal Pan shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi guys,

I find in Locus a lot of raster topo-maps for alpine region in Austria, Swiss and others. None of Italian Alps, that is very strange expecially for East Alps, mainly Dolomites.

There are many publishers of topo-maps for this region. The most important are Tabacco and Kompass, but even Lagiralpina and others. They are designed expecially for alpine trekking, nobody walks in Dolomites without one of these paper maps.

l know, there are ways for dowload such maps from productor's website, but I think it could be better to find them directly in Locus online maps.

I'd get rid of a lot of bad sqlite or kmz maps I made by myself...

Best regards.

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Hi Lucio,

thank you for idea. I guess that you now our plans for next weeks. I have to say that negotiation with Kompass and Tabacco maps is our priority for May. So it's really planned.

Thank you also for information about Lagiralpina I didn't know them. However do you know if they offer map in electronic version? Or is there any web map server with these maps?

Thank you



Well. this is a good new!

Sorry for the delay, it took along time to search about Lagiralpina. I use theese maps on paper, hoped there was a digital version, but I can't find neither the editor's website!

It seems that doesn't exist any digital Lagiralpina map.

It's a pity: Lagiralpina makes maps sometimes more exact than Tabacco and specially than Kompass.

Anyway, if you could reach an agreement with them, this two editions are much more than enough!

Good work.



Thank you for help. I'll try to contact them and find out their possibilities.


No way. I've spent half an hour with searching some information about LagirAlpine editor. The company is probably from Fagagna but I can't find more informations...

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