Marked geocaching pocket query sometimes imports not the choosen

Rainer Utz shared this problem 6 years ago

Hello Locus Team,

once more congratulation to your app. It's one of my absolute favorites. I love to go Geocaching with it.

But in the new version 3.9.3 there is a little bug in the pocket query download. When I mark the 1st or last query all is fine. But I have 5 queries. So when I mark no. 4 I have got downloaded no. 3 and vice versa. You can see it in the download dialog there the name of the query is correct (but not the marked query).

I think it is not a big thing, but it is confusing.


Rainer Utz

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Rainer and K@y (merged topic) sorry, it is a result of incorrectly tested new sorting feature of this "Pocket query" import. Issue will be fixed in next Locus version, hopefully at start of next week.


Thank you for the quick fix.


You are welcome!

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