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Marking new point accurately

Bob Hawkins shared this question 7 years ago

Not so much an idea...

I mark new points while hiking to add to JOSM on my return and upload to OpenStreetMap. I had been concerned by the apparent lack of precision in the point I marked, until my most recent hike. On previous occasions I had tapped the GPS icon to make sure it placed me at my location, tapped the 'Add new point' icon in my function panel and entered the details of the point. The newly marked point might be some distance away from my actual location, however, which made it unusable. I discover now that only by tapping the location icon and selecting 'GPS' instead do I obtain the precise position.

I submit this new topic in case it helps others (or if I am carrying out the operation incorrectly).

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Hi Bob,

the moment you tapp on the button you didn´t know the accuracy of the coords and mostly they ar far away, to get good results you have to go e.g. 5-10 times from different direction to your point to get average coords of this point, or

use "GPS averaging"

install app,

Add new point/target button/GPS Averaging/wait e.g. 20 measurements

have fun


Precision of location is hard task. Balloni's suggestion is probably

best possible method for now, how to improve precision a little bit

(it's simple average from a few measurements).


balloni55 and Menion

'learning every day!

I thank you both for your advice.

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