Maximize battery life with external GPS for long trip

onelook shared this idea 6 years ago

External GPS save history to own memory. Android device is in sleeping mode with minimal battery consumption. When you turn on the display then android downloads data from external GPS using bluetooth. Expected battery life in android device is similar with phone standby time.

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Seems to be quite a long lost idea ...

to be true, I don`t fully understand, but seems to me that you want to use Bluetooth GPS in Locus. If so, it`s already implemented for some time (just enable Bluetooth in menu > settings > GPS & Location). On some phones this feature do not work perfectly, I know, so you may try one of many existing applications on Google Play that connect phone to Bluetooth GPS and allow other apps to use this "connection".


I think I understand the idea, because I just had the same one: it would be nice to have a download function in Locus Map that would automatically download a track from a gps tracker like the iBlue 747 (or compatible). It would replace the "track record" function in Locus. Each time you turn on the display, Locus would download the new data from the GPS tracker and display them as the current track.

But I understand that this idea might not be main stream, as people using an external GPS tracker probably are only a small percentage of the Locus users. That is why I wondering if it would be possible to realize such a feature over the Locus API. It`s a pity that there isn`t much documentation about the API. May be I will try to compile the samples to get an idea of the possibilities of the API.


Track download over BT does take to long for a useable locus integration. BT connections of loggers are very slow because they are designed for low power use and are to slow for track downloading. But I still use GPS Logger track download instead of locus track recording.

If you want to download your tracks, just use Tools like and import the result in locus.