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Maximum Height Limitation

Dietrich Boege shared this question 9 years ago


I`m using LOCUS PRO since a long time and are very happy with the results.

Now I would also like to use it to track my flights. It works fine up to a height of < 4000m. Then new positions will not be calculated although there are many Satellites in view with good signal strength. But no satellites in use.

Is this due to a limitation of the height in the APP?

Or has the Smartphone something in it that makes it stop calculating the altitude? I think that the GPS chip itself is capable of working at this altitude as the number and signal strength of the satelltes changes.

Also is there a maximum speed limit?

I`m using a SGS II with Android 4.0.4

Many thanks


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I was in my last flight but normal travel Boeing, testing track record and had similar experience. Track record was not working (because no data flow from internal GPS) since higher speed and altitude. I suggest to test it in another application, but for 99% expect, that it`s general problem of smartphones GPS, not Locus or any program in Android that use GPS.

I`m anyway sure, that on internet will be some more sophisticated talking on this topic. Wasn`t search anything about it yet ...

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