MBTiles not displayed - "Unknown problem"

Jachym Cepicky shared this question 2 years ago


I've converted by input GeoJSON file to MBTiles using tippecanoe https://github.com/mapbox/tippecanoe

the mbtilefile loaded well to mapbox studio and is displayed

Locus refuses, displaying just "Unknown problem" instead of the data at the area, where the data are expected to be - any hint how to debug this? File attached

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Sorry, can not attach the file - can share per e-mail if it helps


Good day Jáchyme,

if I understand correctly, tippecanoe convert GeoJSON files into Vector! MBTiles maps, right? There is a huge difference between what Locus support and what not.

I was just looking on this format few days ago and I was really thinking when I should start work on it. But this means, that Locus currently do not support vector based format of Mapbox.

If you may share with me ( jiri.mlavec@asamm.com ) some smaller map I may use for testing later, it will be welcome, anyway for now, I really cannot promise when this feature will be available in Locus (if ever because it currently do not have high priority).

Thank you for understanding.