MBTiles UTFGrid Second Tap (Full) causes Locus to crash

Brandon K shared this problem 3 years ago

Locus will crash when you click on a data point or track on the map when you have an MBTiles map loaded that also has the UTFgrid Second Tap (Full) feature implemented. The first pop up and second pop up work fine normally, but if you click on any Locus objects (points, tracks) it will immediately cause Locus to crash.

I was able to reproduce this issue on multiple devices.

An MBTiles map with only the first tap (teaser) implemented works fine as well.

Locus Version: 3.8.2

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I can confirm this. Menion, you can easily reproduce this using one of the maps I send you for 'open local html file' topic (http://help.locusmap.eu/topic/open-local-html-file-from-link-in-popup), adding a data point to the canvas and clicking that point.


Thank you, issue found and fixed!