Menu disappears after adding a new item to the Functions Panel

Brandon K shared this problem 3 years ago

If you try to add a new item to the functions panel, the menu immediately disappears after the first click and jumps you back to the to the "Map-control & panels" menu. If you then back out past the settings menu (back twice), the "set functions panels" menu will be displayed. In addition, if you try to re-enter the functions panel immediately after adding a new item (without going back twice) any changes you make will not be updated - possibly due to the edit functions panel still being open but not displayed.

I was able to reproduce this on multiple devices running 3.8.0 and 3.8.2

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Good day Brandon,

thank you for your report! My colleague found this problem yesterday, so it will be fixed in next Locus version.

Useful workaround: do not edit functions panels from menu > settings > maps - control & panels, but directly from a map screen. Just long-click on any existing button in top or right panel and in menu choose "Modify".