Message - Lo-position does not exist in current datafile

Piers Robinette shared this question 22 months ago

I'm running Locus pro and using BRouter and "navigation". This has been re-calculating ok whenever I go off-route but on the last couple of cycles it has not. When I go off-route I get a message something like "Lo-position does not exist in current datafile" and my route is not re-calculated. I use an external app to plan routes and import them into Locus and, while I've tweaked the odd navigation setting, I'm not aware of significantly changing anything - apart from changing audio instructions from the default voice to Albert morse.

Can anyone please explain why this message is generated and how I might be able to fix it? Many thanks,

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HI Piers,

have you downloaded routing data pack of the area where you get the alert? Start BRouter > tap Downloader and select the datapack. If you already have it, erase it and re-download, maybe it just needs to be updated.


I'd forgotten I'd had to down load a datapack for BRouter, but I must have done once because it was working fine. I wasn't sure where to check for any existing file on my phone so I've just downloaded the area I require again and will give it a try ... it'll be a few days before I get the opportunity though.

Many thanks