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I've got a question regarding coloring of tracks according to “Altitude”: Is there is an option to set the range for altitude-based coloring of tracks, ie minimum altitude (blue) and maximum altitude (red)? The idea behind this is that this would allow for a quick and rough comparison of two or more tracks (eg alternative tracks in case of bad weather/snow in the mountains). If there is no option yet (at least I could not find it), you may take this as an idea. Ideally, once set, min and max should apply for all tracks on display with altitude-based color coding, or could be included in the folder-style settings.


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I've changed this question to idea, as no such option exists in Locus. Colors are generated automatically for every track from min (blue) to max (red) altitude in current track.


Sounds not so bad. currently there is no way to compare two tracks on map.

Hmm, maybe it's difficult to set a range.

eg.: a range from 0(blue) to 3000(red) in the settings

a single track line on map with altitude 400 - 1000 would be only green(?) with minimal gradient color

What ever +1 from me to TEST it :)

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