Minor problem with ANT+ sensor for geocaching

c.s.g. shared this problem 4 months ago


I have a minor problem with the ANT+ sensor for geocaching with Locus Pro 3.45.1 running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android 6.0.1 Stock ROM installed, i. e.:

If I activate the ANT+ sensor for geocaching in the "ANT manager" the sensor is found and the "ANT+ Manager" shows "Verbunden / connected".

But when I disconnect the sensor again, restart Locus and try to reconnect the ANT+ sensor for geocaching, ANT+ manager keeps on searching for the sensor without success. This happens too if I remove Locus Pro from memory and then restart Locus. Only a newstart of the device helps.

Maybe it is only a display problem. Because it seems that for a very short time "Verbunden / connected" ist displayed and then is overwritten by "Suchen .... / searching" although the connection is established (Only a guess).

If you want, I can send a link to a corresponding video this evening.

It is a minor problem for me because I used this function exactly one time since using Locus Pro for geocaching.


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Hello c.s.g.

currently, I do not have a GC ANT+ sensor with me, but issue registered => I'll look at it later, thanks!