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Minor problem with ANT+ sensor for geocaching

c.s.g. shared this problem 3 years ago


I have a minor problem with the ANT+ sensor for geocaching with Locus Pro 3.45.1 running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android 6.0.1 Stock ROM installed, i. e.:

If I activate the ANT+ sensor for geocaching in the "ANT manager" the sensor is found and the "ANT+ Manager" shows "Verbunden / connected".

But when I disconnect the sensor again, restart Locus and try to reconnect the ANT+ sensor for geocaching, ANT+ manager keeps on searching for the sensor without success. This happens too if I remove Locus Pro from memory and then restart Locus. Only a newstart of the device helps.

Maybe it is only a display problem. Because it seems that for a very short time "Verbunden / connected" ist displayed and then is overwritten by "Suchen .... / searching" although the connection is established (Only a guess).

If you want, I can send a link to a corresponding video this evening.

It is a minor problem for me because I used this function exactly one time since using Locus Pro for geocaching.


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Hello c.s.g.

currently, I do not have a GC ANT+ sensor with me, but issue registered => I'll look at it later, thanks!


Hi c.s.g.,

it has been some time since you reported this issue. Based on the statistics, Garmin Chirp is really not much used over Locus Map, and generally, I do not believe, this system has some special future. So I'm sorry, but if this problem still exists, I'm marking it as "unsolvable". Thanks for understanding.

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