Missing elevation in new track-information pop-up

Tirfo shared this problem 7 years ago

Hi, it seems in the new information pop-up the information (file 01) on elevation does not work.

Any Idea why this is?

The track itself does contain elevation information (profile and elevation statistics are there).

Btw, I really regret that you have removed the altidude difference up/down from the track point information pop-up (file 02); I liked it to get a quick info on the altitude difference to go.

Best, Tirfo

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Good day Tirfo,

zero values in altitudes for track popup are of course issue. It's known, and will be fixed in next version.

And altitude difference - don't understand. What you see on screenshot 02.jpg, was changed to what you see on a screen 01.jpg. Bottom zero values will be these altitude differences.


Hi Menion,

thanks for addressing the zero values.

As to screenshot 2, let me explain: This information pop-up appears when the center of the screen hits a track point; specifically, when I am moving along a track, whenever I am exactly on a track point. I liked this kind of information since it appeared without the requirement of tapping on the screen, which is useful when riding a bike on a rough or steep terrain. On the other hand, one might argue that it appears to often, hiding parts of the screen (as you wrote to me some time ago). Some users might wish to have it removed completely. So I was wondering how to improve the functionality of this pop-up by adding more useful information to it (altitude difference to go, to me, is an important information) and at the same time reducing its size by shrinking the font. In addition "Punkt" could be changed to "Pt." to save space. Alternatively, it could be moved to a fixed position on the screen, eg upper right.

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