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Missing hiking tracks in LoMaps with Elements 4 theme

Martin Holý shared this problem 7 years ago
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Hi, I have updated LoMaps because I couldn't see hiking tracks with Elements 4 theme but the hiking tracks are not visible even with the new version of LoMaps. Where could be the problem?

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As far as I know the theme has to fit to the map.

If you use a theme designed for OpenAndroMap vector maps with a LoMap vector map and vice versa there may be "troubles" as you described.



Dear Martin,

as c.s.g. already mentioned the theme is related with the map. I can only suggest to use internal themes for LoMaps and Elevate themes for OAM maps or to contact the developer of Elevate theme and ask for support of hiking tracks.

Thank you for understanding



I have experienced the same problem (some trails are missing in LoMaps if used with OpenAndroMaps Elements 4 theme). However, I assumed it was due to the same reason that c.s.g. explained: Elements 4 is exclusively for OpenAndroMaps, not LoMaps.

I like the Elements 4 theme because it gives me precise control over what is displayed on the map. I use it with LoMaps and it works most of the time ... except when entire trails are not shown. :)

It would be wonderful if LoMaps and the Elements 4 theme worked together 100% but I understand how this may not be possible. Locus and OpenAndroMaps would have to closely coordinate how they build their maps and themes for complete interoperability. I would settle for having a LoMaps Hike&Bike theme that provided the detailed control found in the Elevate 4 theme.

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