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Lucio Dal Pan shared this problem 7 years ago

While exporting, checked "Share exported data" option, can't find any apps to share with. Of course they exist...

One strage thing more: last mesage telling that there isn't any application able to execute export action, is not in english but in italian: the language of Android system and not that of Locus (I sat it to english for you)

Many thanks

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Good day Lucio,

thank you for your report. Issue should be fixed in latest 3.1.3 version.

Text and dialog you saw, was because of incorrect information that Locus gave to system. So dialog was notification from system (and because of that in Italian).

Feel free to write us if there will be more problems.


Hi Menion,

problem is solved yet, in actual 3.1.2 version!

Just the time to say "I have a probl...": wonderful! :-)

Tanhk you a lot


Good to hear it. Thanks for confirmation

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