Missing touristic track in hiking rendering

Milan Kerslager shared this idea 5 years ago

On the page http://www.locusmap.eu/cs/ I see touristic routes rendered by color line along pahs,

but I do not see them in the Locus itself. I do not know if it is my failure or what.

I'm using vector OSM maps from http://www.openandromaps.org/maps/europe/Czech_Republic.zip

As an example what I would be glad to see is at the site http://mtbmap.cz but unfortunately this site is somewhat broken last few days so I'm not able to provide direct link to exact location and because of this, I'm adding screenshot.

Attached file is picked from http://mtbmap.cz and is from rendering the location of the hill "Jested" (near Liberec city). See there how various red, blue and green lines are placed next to traces.

Commercial rendering (not from OSM) from the same location you can see here: http://www.mapy.cz/s/dxa0

The rendering for http://mtbmap.cz is done bacause of added patches. The author is reachable at osmmtb@gmail.com (his name is Jakub) and is very responsive so I think that you may consult technical side of the solution.

The touristic lines are stored in OSM as relations. The attributes are defined at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Czech_Republic/OTM_zna%C4%8Dkov%C3%BD_kl%C3%AD%C4%8D but I know that German people use something similar (maybe exactly the same).

I have Pro version of your Locus and I use it for Geocaching, for contribution to OSM and to http://estudanky.eu (database for springs). I'm walking through nature with my kids also a lot. So I would be glad to see touristic paths in Locus because now I have to switch beetween various programs while we are on the walk. Thank you for your work on Locus!

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Hi Milan,

thank you for report. Mtbmaps are already available. There was temporary problem on server of map provider.

Don't worry we know how to use OSM relation data - at least we hope that we know it :) Honestly we're little bit limited by technology that we use for rendering of vector maps. These maps are rendered directly in your device, but MTBmaps and other online maps are rendered on the server side. It's straightforward that solution for mobile phones can not be so powerful in comparison with sophisticated map servers. Generally vector maps are able to show hiking paths BUT you need to use proper theme and of course the map itself.

Vector maps that are available in Locus store contain hiking and cycling paths. Please see:



If you decided to use OpenAndroMaps then I suggest to use theme that is available for these maps from author of these maps.