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Bucky Kid shared this idea 8 years ago
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Hello, I suggest to make small dashboard graph more configurable as for displayed X/Y scope (because current model doesn't provide much useful information about true upcoming ascent/descent in context of whole route).

I realize current horizontal context is too "narow". I'm suggesting to let user configure how much km behind and in front of current position the graph will show and also let user choose how range showed on graph will imply

- from currently shown horizontal range vertical limits

- from whole track vertical limits.

Second variant will ensure that same hill slope will be displayed with same slope on the dashboard everywhere on the track.

Eventually if the track allows it the vertical range from whole track can be zoomed 2x, 3x or more times in current display scope to show the profile more expressive.

For example the track altitude minimum is 200m, the maximum is 1000m, so the vertical extents will be 800m in every place. Optionally 4x zoomed the effective vertical scope will be 200 height meters (centered around current distance scope's verical minimum and maximum). I that's not too clear, I'll try to explain differently.

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fantastic idea, after cycle touring for last 6 weeks I would love this extra function, I would be using it a lot!


Recently I reported a similar issue with the dashboard navigation chart which the support refused as not a problem.

You can have a preview of few kilometres with the navigation chart, but the elevation line is just flat when the max elevation gain is somewhere later on the track. So it is rather useless.

The track snippet should be scalable to the cell height.

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