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Barbudor shared this idea 8 years ago
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I am using more and more Dashboard (but still lacking time to go into the more powerfull CustomScreen).

I have just discovered the 2nd tab of items which allows to add action buttons such as recording start/stop.

When cycling, it is not easy to double tab to make the button panels to appear, so I believe that this list could be enhanced with more action buttons which would allow to make transparent, easy to touch big overlay buttons.

I feel that the following button could be very usefull :

- Zoom in and out

- Quick Add-waypoint (adds a waypoint at current location without additional dialog - Should allow to specify folder and icon somewhere. Waypoint would be named by date and time. [Note that this is different from the existing Add-waypoint-on-track].

- Full screen on/off

- Buttons panels on/off -> On: make the panels to appear without timeout. Off: restore timeout if previously set.

Other users may have some additional suggestions.

Thanks for considering

Best regards


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Thanks Gynta. I've added my whish there too.

If Menion would like this one to be closed ...

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