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Theo shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi there,

I really like the way how you implemented the live tracking feature. It's nice that I'm able to specify my own server for getting the data and that I'm able to choose which data should be sent.

However, as Locus collects much more data,it would be nice if I could decide to send this data up to my server as well, i.e. the current heartrate (or averaged over time from last sent update) and the foot-turns on the bike. Having the heartrate could be nice such as telling my girlfriend, "Sorry, I'm late, but see this link, I really hurry up to be with you in a few minutes". And yeah, as I am a hobby data scientist, I just like to collect all the data I can get, as long as it stays mine and resides on my server. :)

Best regards.

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Same goes for Bluetooth sensors ;)


This is the exact feature that I'm looking for. I'd especially like to have the ability to also transmit power data, which is currently missing from ANT+/BLE support in Locus.

There is already Vitaly Litvak's Traccar Web UI -project, which already supports receiving custom parameters nicely! Using Traccar APIs, the data can be piped to anything imaginable!


Basically what could be replaced with this kind of software would be this:

This is basically a ANT+ data collector with 3G radio. However it requires a 3G subscription trough Quarq, and your personal sim cannot be swapped..


It would be good if I could add an ant + data field to own live tracking. Missing it.

Btw in actual version 3.36.2 Locus crash while click on add data field butoin in own livetracking dialog.

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