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Johan Frisk shared this idea 8 years ago
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Just start to use Strava and found it possible to select equipment. Really nice feature to keep track on service and chain change of bicycle/bicycles but couldn't find a way to select equipment from the app. Stravas API does allow upload of equipment #, but not add new equipment what I've understand, but just the possibility choose a 1 or 2 in the upload would be greate.

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I like the idea but where did you find the possibility? I can't find it in the Strava API.


Hi henning,

I'm not a dev (only VBA in Excel when needed), so correct me if I'm wrong here. Locus uploads to Strava using "POST /uploads", which does not allow to set gear. But after upload could Locus update activity using "PUT /activities/{id}" which seems to support "gear_id"? Could list of gear_ids be obtained using "GET /athlete"? Although I don't know which scopes Locus is using vs. which is needed for this...


Hello Václav,

your description is correct. This should be doable, I can confirm.

We are currently working on our own web solution and this idea has currently "only" 5 starts after five years. I'm currently not sure if with recent changes on the Strava side, time investment into this task worth it.



Hi Menion,

I understand. You're right, Strava is getting worse a nobody knows with what they come up next. Thank you for quick answer and for your time and work on Locus.



This feature is still something I am dearly missing.

As far as I understand it would mean two more requests and a drop down on the export page:

1. A Get request for getLoggedInAthlete which contains a list of bikes and a list of shoes.

2. Display another dropdown with the equipment. Fill it with bikes for all cycling related activities and fill it with shoes for all walking related activities. There could be a "Use Default" option which is the standard selected entry. This would maintain the current behavior.

3. When the user selects some gear and uploads the activity. The current post request responses which contains the activity ID. This ID can be used to update the activity. Send an update which sets the selected gear ID. This step can be ignored when the user did not select anything on the new dropdown.

Why this would help:

I track all my rides with Locus and upload them to Strava. Strava keeps track of all the kilometers for my bikes and also of each component of each bike. This is great to see how long e.g. a chain lasts. For this to work its critical that every activity is tracked with the correct bike. Since I have 5 bikes, the default one is seldom the right one. So currently I have to edit the ride on Strava nearly every time.

This feature would eliminate the need to ever open strava again for me :-)

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