More stability for Training Manager - run as service

Igor Magellan shared this idea 5 years ago

(google translate, sorry)

It is noticed that the Training Manager (TM) is very "delicate". His work can stop himself android with their energy-saving features, incoming SMS or notification, voice of other events in the system (program Shouter , for example), a long period of time (> 10min). Guess what was the stop of his work is often very difficult. And the stop-start, TM and the track record does not help, it is necessary to restart himself entirely Locus! Naturally, all the current statistics broken.

In this case I have:

- Locus exceptions in "Optimizing Application" my Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime VE Duos SM-G531H, Android 5.1.1)

- Extreme power saving mode is not used

- No Greenify or any other optimizers

At the same time there is much more stable operation if connected in parallel LiveTracking.


Make starting TM "as a service". Same as LiveTracking. Or raise its priority in the system.

Add control in the notification bar with the "Stop" button, and "Temporarily silent, continuing to count."

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Good day Igor,

training manager is not working independently on other Locus features. When you start track recording together with training manager, then as long as track recording will be active, training manager should be as well.

I'll keep in mind!! that training manager may be unstable, unfortunately I see no options how to increase it's priority for now. Thanks for understanding.


Hi, Menion

However, in the latest version ( I noticed TM more stable operation.

What is it ? miracles happen? :)


Hello Igor,

really interesting, mainly because not a single line of code around "Training manager" changed since last few versions. Maybe just a coincidence of good mood of your device and running Locus Map :).



miracles ended ...

Within two weeks I was tested TM under different conditions (3.20.1pro & , revealed the following: he stops scoring after

- incoming or outgoing calls and SMS

- any notifications from the various programs that have sound.

If the sound in the phone does not appear (airplane mode + silent mode) some TM runs indefinitely. (in all streams audio - Media or Notifications)

But in real life it's impossible.

It seems that the ability of TM to extend much further than just scoring options when you run or bike, completely disconnected from the outside world.


...even his own sound notification Locus ("Position lost/acquared" in GPS settings) stops TM...


I'm closing this discussion because we continue about this problematic here.

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