More than two levels of grouping points/tracks (group + folder)

Qba shared this idea 7 years ago
Gathering feedback


I am interrested in having in Locus more than 2 levels of grouping points and tracks. At this moment we have Groups which can have Folders. I propose that groups can have folders which can have subfolders. If it is not complicated - not limited how many levels, as much as anyone need (like in most operating system).

This ticket purpose is to help Menion and check how many of us are interrested in that functionality. So if You are, please thumb up.

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I've always wondered why this is so. Folders and subfolders is common everywhere.


I voted for this idea years ago, but I think a general tagging system would be more flexible.


Also for me it would be great to have the possibility to have sub-groups - means a group in a group (and in the group to have the folders as usual), that would simplify the handling a lot - is there a planing for it ?

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