Audio coach - speed, time and pace only during move

Marek shared this idea 8 years ago
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it would be great to add to training manager as variables also speed, time, pace etc but only in move. There are these data available duting recording track so I think it is not a big issue.

Thanks Marek

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battery level, current time, remain length in navigation mode, remain time in navigation mode (estimation), current height above sea level, ...



The scope of the Trainings Manager of actually is much wider than a training: running, walking or cycling.

The locus is used at the solution of the most different tasks: record of a track and other data for editing OSM, a distant campaign, picking up mushrooms and berries, fishing on the lake, etc. etc.

In the program there are a lot of different variables at record of a track - and let each user himself choose that he wants to hear.

And let it will be the huge list. He agrees with Marek - hardly it will complicate the program, but will simplify life :)

My added list such:

- battery charge (very important!)

- the current accuracy of GPS in meters

- current time

- sometimes speed

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