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Rolf Gelert shared this question 2 months ago

larger buttons onscreen for glove use I bought the android version, and use it with a rugged android phone as my motorcycle gps. When riding, if I scroll around, the pinpoint icon in lower left screen is hard to hit with gloves on without hitting the button above it. Can you make a mode where these buttons we use all the time are larger and easier to touch with gloves?

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Hi Rolf,

it's possible to size up the main screen buttons. Nevertheless, you have to dig deeper into Locus settings:

- go to Locus main directory in your phone and find "config.cfg" file

- open this file in some text editor

- find parameter "dev_gui_main_rescale_value". Its default value is 1.0. Any bigger number will enlarge the main screen buttons. Change the value as you need and save the file.

- restart Locus