Moving arrow rotates incorrectly in Compass mode

svartbjorn shared this problem 8 years ago

Works correctly:


If Settings > Sensors > Use hardware compass = unchecked, GPS bearing is used to rotate the map if "Rotate map" is checked. Heading is now up (GPS bearing) and the map rotates such that the moving direction is always up on the screen independent of the phone`s actual orientation. So the moving arrow is now pointing up on the screen all the time. Which is correct.

Does not work correctly:


If Settings > Sensors > Use hardware compass = checked (Compass mode), then the compass is used to rotate the map if "Rotate map" is checked. The map now rotates according to magnetic north. So if the phone is held in the moving direction, then the moving arrow is correctly pointing up on the screen. If I now rotate the phone (horizontally), then the map will rotate to keep the correct magnetic orientation. HOWEVER, the arrow is still pointing straight up on the screen, which is wrong. It is supposed to rotate with the map to keep pointing in the moving direction - it is pointing up on the screen no matter how I rotate the phone. If I for example rotate the phone 90 degrees, then the arrow moves sideways on the screen. I assume this is a bug.

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Hmm it`s question ...

with hardware compass off, there is no place for discussion. Map rotate by "course bearing" value from GPS, same with moving arrow (no other orientation is known)

with hardware compass on, screen and also moving arrow, now rotates by your heading, so it point to where are you looking, not to place where are you moving.

.. I`m playing with it and I found one problem with heading line and HW compass on. Also finally you report seems to be logical for me now, so if no one complain, I`ll change it, so moving arrow will be always pointing to direction from GPS