Multi cache solver doesen't refresh waypoints, if you change variables

Nicolai shared this problem 7 years ago
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If you change variables in the multi cache solver, the waypoints of all stages will not be refreshed. Would be nice if this problem will be fixed.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nicolai,

maybe you can get a faster response to your problem if you post it here:

Though many posts are in german, english is no problem in that forum.



Okay thanks for the information


I think this issue is also a bug in Locus. How is it possible that I see multiple waypoints for a cache while I couldn't see them in the waypoint list?

See multi cache solver forum

Version 3.21.1


Hi guys, rvheddeg,

are there any exact steps I may follow to simulate this problem in Locus Map? Thanks


Hi Menion,

To reproduce:

  1. Select a geocache and press Calculate to open the solver
  2. Make a new waypoint in the addon.
  3. Set the coordinates to whatever (but keep it in the neighborhood to see the effect)
  4. Quit the addon and go back to Locus map (you can see the waypoint now)
  5. Go back to the addon
  6. Change the coordinates of the waypoint
  7. Quit the addon and go back to Locus => you can see 2 waypoints on the map now!

=> Please move the original waypoint or remove it. The cache has now 2 waypoints, but displays only one in the waypoint list.

Version 0.72 of the solver

Version 3.22.1 of Locus

PS: If you follow the link you will see the same steps, but I have copied them here.


Yap, this is exactly the same prolem, I have too


Hi guys,

thanks for a precise description. Issue on Locus Map side will be solved in next version. Not sure if this is solution also for initial problem wrote here ... you will see in next (Beta)version.

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