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My Maps - is there an alternative

Hans Olav Nymand shared this question 9 years ago

I would like to upload private POI`s with a description and preferably a picture to some kind of central storage, and then view uploaded POI`s on a map both from Locus and from my Windows PC. Basically I can do this by using the "Google maps - My Maps" integration, but there are a few problems

- Much talk on the web of deprecation, seems it is maybe somewhat uncertain if it continues to exist

- Can`t upload pictures (As far as I can see)

- Not too easy (but not exactly difficult either)

Question: Is there a better option? Is there a "Locus" server, or some other (semi)free service like GPSies or something which can be used for the same. Uploading tracks is fine as well, but points is the primary requirement - only handling tracks won`t do.

Best regards, Hans Olav

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again... (im not sure):

-You would like to export from Locus to view on your PC


-You want also import some POI from PC to Locus?



-In Locus I export a KMZ to Dropbox to view in GE(PC)

-and i create a KMZ in GE(PC) to import this in Locus


GE have problems with kmz to show the fullsized pictures embed in a POI

So you have to extract the kmz(=zip) on your Desktop before you double klick the .kml file


Well, no, not exactly. I am looking for a solution where there is no manual import/export of KMZ or any other file. And the "my maps" integration in Locus DOES handle this, but as I mentioned it is not perfect.

So I just wondered if there was an alternative possibility - maintaining your own set of POI`s in an online database isn`t exactly the most curious thing to do, but most other solutions are based on (1) tracks, (2) related to sports, (3) focused on sharing your POI with others. I mean: Getting an APP when you can upload you latest bicycle track and time isn` exactly hard to get at!

But as soon as we are talking POI, want the possibility to add a description manually, it is not sports related and the intent is not to share, then I can only think of Google Maps "My Maps".

Best regards,

Hans Olav


As a workaround, you could look at some combination of an cloud sharing service (like dropbox, google drive, skydrive, box) and some android syncing apps (real sync, data sync). So you could set up the things easily you need.

Google Earth can display kml files from dropbox with network links. Locus can display kml files stored in the folder "/Locus/mapItems/".

Hope you get idea...

You can also have a look at this manual:

Probably another interested topic for you to read about:

For advanced information have a look at how to build or edit your own kml/kmz files:


I may also suggest to check already implemented feature "IkiMap". It`s very similar to Google My Maps with advanced possibilities compare to My Maps.

In Locus is direct integration, but only in 50% completed. It`s just, call it "beta". If will be interest, I`ll continue in this project, but seems not to be for now. Anyway for testing it`s working enough


I'm also very interested in coming up with a solution to handle real-time sharing of points. Rather than trying to tie in to 3rd party services, such as MyMaps, which can change to disappear at any time, I propose a solution similar to Live Tracking.

If there was a setting where you could define a server URL and have points post the data (name, lat, lon, desc, attatchments, etc.) to the server when they are saved- that would be perfect! I'm not sure of the best way to handle attachments, but this is less of an issue. With this system, users could easily and automatically post their data to google docs, cartodb, or any personal database. I would be more than happy to write some simple PHP script examples for posting to CartoDB, SQLite, MySQL, etc.- and I could put together a mapping example with Leaflet or Google Maps.




Hello Bryan,

this sounds like very interesting idea. In this case, this may be done without Locus itself. All points data are stored in simple Locus directory in SQLite database. So simple Android program, that should monitor this database may do the hard work of sending these points out.

In database are stored times of last edit of every waypoints. So simple query once per hour "give me points edited after X", return edited waypoints that needs sync. Just an possibility ...

Anyway as I think about it, it's not best solution from long-term view, because database system is subject of possible change in future.


Hi Menion,

Thanks for the quick response! So does it make more sense to implement a screen similar to Live Tracking, so this can be done within the Locus app and gracefully handle database schema changes? This would be ideal because you could setup different profiles with update intervals and maybe even select which folders you want to post. Having the ability to define additional text fields is also a fantastic option. The Live Tracking functionality really is brilliant and if this could fairly easily be implemented for Points as well, I think it would really add a lot of value for many users.

Thanks again!


Understand. On second side, if you look on ideas here, it's hard to say what to do sooner ...

What you want is exactly type of feature, that may be implemented as add-on for Locus and not in Locus itself. What currently miss is only ability to grab updated data from Locus database. Or better, be notified, that something has changed. If there will be any person, who will want to do such add-on, I should improve public Locus API, to provide all necessary data. Anyway I personally do not have time on such feature for now on 99%, sorry.


Thanks again. I don't have the Android chops to take this on, so I will probably just end up hacking something together to sync exports with my server via FTP. I suppose I could have a script that listens for updates and imports the CSV records into the database as well. This would handle attachments at least. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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