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Steven Weed shared this question 9 years ago

Can i navigate a recording track, like a normel navigation System?

Kann ich eine aufgenommene route als navi wiedergeben?

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No, this isn`t possible. Tracks for navigation contain extra instructions which aren`t available in recorded tracks.

What you can do is "Notify when switching to another point", see


tommi, i`m sure you know it`s not full truth :)

Steven, it`s little bit complicated now, but it works. Try to in settings tommi mention (guiding section), enable notification, then in notification for tracks enable Notify when switching to another point and sound type set text-to-speech. Then when you enable guiding on any track, it will work as you expect (or very close to what you expect)


In latest Locus version (2.19.0+) was introduced alternative way for navigation along recorded/imported tracks. Simply try to start Navigation. If track is not ready for navigation, Locus should offer you generating of navigation orders.

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