Navigate by Ear for Short Distances

Martn Hnrchs shared this idea 10 months ago

I wish a function that told me the distance and angle (or hour) to a given point triggerd by pressing a hardware key.

Id like to press on a hardware button (for Example Vol+) and hear the distance in meter (and angle/degress or hour), also if my phone is securly in my pocket.

Often i have to look on the rough ground (in the forest or rocky land) so i dont can look to my smartphone, And it were very fine if i can leave in in my pocket.

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Good day Martn,

for this purpose exists a system of guidance to points & sound notifications.

Tap on point and start "Guide on" feature.

To get necessary voice notifications, please enabled menu > settings > Guidance > Points - notification. Here setup "Repeated notification" together with "Text to speech" option at the bottom.

Little more complicated setup, but I'm sure you will get it. If there will be any troubles, feel free to contact us.



Thank you Menion for your answer!

I have some troubles to get the guiding to work.

I use the german Version and there is the Point "Abweichung" Info - Benachrichtungsentfernung. I tried to set it to 200 m. And then check the "Benachrichtung wiederholen" to 20 sec. And "Ton Einstellen" to Text-to-Speed.

Secondly i enabled "Punkte Benachrichtiung- Benachrichtung bei Annäherung- (Wiederholung) - 200 m - Ton einstellen Text-to-speech-

After that i mark a point an choose "Zielführung ein", On the screen i see the distance between me an the target.

But nothing happend?

What is the exactly meaning of "Benachrichtungsentfernung?"



"Abveichung" Info regards tracks, not, Points. Go to Einstellungen > Zielführung > Benachrichtigung > Aktivieren - Benachrichtigen bei Annäherung > define the distance of the alerts and Text-to-speech. Confirm by Übernehmen.