Navigation didnt resume when i had leave the track

Siegfried Plewka shared this question 3 years ago

If i start Navigation and unfortunately leave the track, locus shows a Question-Mark and beeps after some Meters. When i walk back to the track Locus didnt recognize that. I must manually stop the Navigation and start it again.

Android 6.0. Locus newest Version

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Good day Siegried,

firstly sorry for a complications. I have one suggestion and maybe also one solution.

First the suggestion - instead of stop and start navigation, try to use "Nearest point" button from navigation menu.

Now the solution, please check in menu > settings > navigation > advanced > Strickt navigation . If you have enabled this option (it is disabled by default), Locus force You to pass every point correctly (useful for a tours over city). If you uncheck, Locus should if you return back on track, correctly find nearest point and continue with navigation.

Try it and let me know if above tip helped.


Great, that was the solution. Thanks.


Perfect, glad to hear it. You are welcome!