Navigation: display info on bottom, not on top of screen

Lex Wedemeijer shared this idea 8 years ago
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While navigating, the info (street name, upcoming turn, distance and time to destination etc) are displayed on top of screen. Because default direction of driving is to top of screen, you would want the map on top of screen to be visible. Not covered by navigation info.

Can screen info be moved to bottom?

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Lex wrote "Because default direction of driving is to top of screen"

try to use:

Shift map center

(setting enables movement of the map center down by 1 of the screen length. This is particularly useful for the navigation feature when used together with map rotation, in order to view a maximum map area ahead of you.)



Hello Gynta,

Option "Shift map center" is available in Locus Pro only, not in free version which I am using.

Moving the navigation info to bottom of screen, means that the map of where you are going is not covered by it.

This is useful whether "Shift map center" is on or off.


P.S. I quite understand that this is just a "nice to have" feature, not an essential one


Still just one vote, I'm surprised.

I'm also surprised that no one came with this request a lot earlier. Most of profesional GPS navigations has also all controls and panels at bottom of screen.

On second side, I use Locus for navigation already a few years and I have no problems with current UI layout.

Anyway I should consider improvements, but for this is needed a lot more votes ;)

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