Navigation: Onscreen trackcopy of original planned route

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Navigation along track. Show track copy of original route

Navigation along preplanned track using auto-auto recalculation. Deviate from the original "parcours": -> the original planned trackrun is visually (partly) 'lost'.

Produce, save (delete later) an onscreen track copy, none active for navigation, solves that problem. Or: Before Nav start some extra actions to do, by the user ! (if not forgetting).

Q: Locus always should show a "greyed out" version of the unchanged original planned trackpath. When user stops track Navigation: Track copy is deleted too (track copy = temporary object).

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Three years after, still valuable.

Do not blindly trust the automatic recalculation proposal. Easily and quickly compare each change with the original designed trackpath.


Five years after, still valuable.

The imported original track = Show as static overlay. (The red striped line)

The currently active (autorecalculated) navigation route. (The blue line)

Super simple realisation but is very useful visual information.



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