Navigation track "simplified" from real track ... ?

Bernard Perrot shared this question 22 months ago


May be an old question, but don't find response...

When I want to use a real track for navigation, this one is transformed by Locus when there are turns. The result is that Locus said to turn meters (about 15m) before real turn...

I don't understand why...

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Here are some samples (in green, the real track, in purple, the one used by Navigation :



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Hi Bernard,

when the route, along which you want to navigate, is imported, Locus Map needs to add the navigation commands to it. The only way is to make a copy of the route on its own and during this process the navigation points are added. The navigation points are always added in advance before the turn - you don't want to be prompted right on the turn but some distance before it. Therefore, there are the "shortcuts" like on our screenshots.

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Yes, I understand why. But some times (like in this screenshot), I am prompted that the turn is now about 15/20m before the real turn, and on the display, I have instructions for the next turn when I'm not yet at the first one.

You can see on this two joined screenhots : Locus say that the turn is in 4 m, but in fact it is about 15/20m, and just after the shortcut, the instruction is for the next turn... it's too early no ?

With other tracks, ok, there is a shortcut on the screen, but instructions are corrects (no turn before the real turn).

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