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Navigation volume control sets wrong 'sound type'

David Rawding shared this problem 9 years ago

I tried to use navigation and couldn't hear a tts voice.

Using my nexus 4 settings for the cell phone, I was able to hear tts voice outside of Locus.

It turned out that Locus settings for navigation were all correct, but one was misleading/not working as expected.

The problem is on the navigation panel which has 'Track', 'Itinerary', 'Recalculate', 'Nearest point', checkbox for 'Mute sounds navigation', and 'Volume' slider.

If the slider is set to 100%, but the cell phone system setting has 'notification' volume set to 0%, then Locus will not speak out loud. From this, it appears that Locus uses 'notification' channel to speak and probably otherwise make sounds. That is one problem.

The other is that when I use the slider control in Locus to lower the volume, it operates on the 'Music, video, games, & other media' volume level of the cell phone, not the 'notification' volume.

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I have to thank you very very much!! You discovered issue, that I was aware for maybe two years, but I was never able to find out why this happen (because it always happen when I was in the field and never had PC to make some tests).

Thanks to your precise description, I found that possibility to set NORMAL / VIBRATE/ SILENT mode on device, has effect only on NOTIFICATION stream, not on audio. But Locus was always testing which mode is set. In case you turn notification volume to minimum, Android switch mode to vibrate and all sounds in Locus stopped to work.

So I fixed this issue. Now if audio will play or not, depend only on MUSIC volume. So even in SILENT mode, notification will play because they play in MUSIC. Am I right? Hope so.

Anyway because of this, I'll probably have to add to Locus possibility to switch from MUSIC to NOTIFICATION - this idea

Thank you once more and if anyone has something to say to this problematic, I'll gladly listen (maybe some experiences from professional navigation apps, etc.)

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