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Nearest Points incorrect list

balloni55 shared this problem 6 years ago

Hello menion

i collect geocaches inside different folders Tradi, Multi, solved, found, own, aso.

All caches are hidden, map center is my home, next i select left action button "Nearest Points" > only "Geocaches" is marked and "only visible" is not marked.

In this case only 9 of 26 caches of my "own" folder are shown with max distance 1,4km ?! no other caches from other folders.

If i make all caches of these folder visible, all of these folder are shown inside "Nearest Points" no other caches from other folders

If i move map center ~10 km, ~ 60 hidden caches from other folders and my own visible caches are shown

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Good evening balloni,

unfortunately I'm unable to simulate any problem with "Nearest points" as you describe. Anyway as I think about it, I probably know where may be a problem.

This screen is filled by points in two steps.

  1. Locus takes 100 nearest points from database
  2. then filter them by type and visibility (as you set in top toolbar)

In your case, there will be probably a lot of points that will be throw anyway because they are not geocaches. So from 100 nearest points, only a 9 are caches, is it possible?

Most simple and not too nice solution (psst, don't tell it to anyone :) ), is to increase number of nearest considered points from 100, to 500. This should increase chance that more caches appear in your list. So next version ...

Best solution should be to

Ah, I should not be lazy :). Improved, in next version, Locus always display nearest 100 points in range up to 100 km. Thanks!


Hello menion

V 3.27.0 confirm solved, thanks

so next idea is born


Perfect, thanks! And idea .. understand :)

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