"Nearest Points": long loading time if "Only visible" activated

sonny shared this problem 2 years ago

I've got a Points folder containing about 6000 caches. I usually filter them to just display caches in a distance of e.g. 10 km onto the map.

If using the "Nearest Points" button with setting "only visible" active, i noticed a quite long loading time untilt the point list is created (e.g. 10 seconds). If turning "only visible" off, the list is created within 1 second, but now also unvisible points are on the list which I don't want to see on it.

Would it be possible to speed up the loading time if "only visible" is active?

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Good day sonny,

I've improved searching little bit with hope, it will speed up a process. So try next version when it comes out and let me know in case, it will still be really slow as now.