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New overlays in updated mapsforge themes not enabled as defined in theme

Tobias shared this problem 5 years ago

In Elevate theme I added a new overlay for map background, which is in the theme file "enabled" by default. If someone installs the new version above an existing version in Locus, the new overlay is "disabled". This leads to problems for users like this:

So I would recommend that the default value for a prior non existing overlay is read from the theme file, and not set to an arbitrary value like "disabled".


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Good day Tobias,

thank you, if I understand correctly, an issue should be fixed in next version. Unfortunately, I need to reset current settings, so all users will have to set overlay items again if they used some customization. Hope it will work, if not let me know (in the best case together with any sample theme(s) ), thanks.



Thanks, Menion!

I'll test it at let you know. I hope that Locus will remember the new customized overlay settings when loading a theme, I think this would be more important - having both would be best.


Hi Menion,

seems to work now with V3 maps. But with multiligual V4 maps, the overlay default selection is now broken - nothing is selected, no matter if it's defined in the theme or not (and everthing I select is applied at first, and deselected the next time I open the overlay menu).

Best regards,




ah you are correct. Small issue in the testing of V4 maps. Thanks, fixed.

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