New Point (fast): shortcut with guidance

Gerwin Glaser shared this question 12 months ago


This is a feature proposal:

In right and upper side bar, you can set the "fast new points". I like this very much. Very often I create with this button a defined new point, in order to let locus guide me to this location. The only drawback is, that after setting the new point, I have manually to set on guidance with a few clicks.

Because I use this very often it would be more easy, when I would be able to define a new point before, which already INCLUDES the function of "guide me to this location".

And the absolute bonus would be, when you would be able to set, that after reaching the destination and (manual) finishing guidance, the point deletes itself automatically... :)

Oh man, that would be nice, but I don't want to bother you, your program is already the best....

Nice day, thanks,


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The Feature is already there with a seperate button. I was blind... ;)