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New tile rendering behaviour

Lucas Heiss shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

Dear Locus Team, two issues:

1. when switching off "smooth interface" in expert settings, after every zoom action (by pinching with two fingers or by tapping + or – at the bottom of the screen) for a fraction of a second the vector map disappears and a white screen is shown before the new rendered tiles of the new zoom level are shown.

2. When starting route planner, tiles are unnessecarily rendered again.

Both behaviours other than in version 3.37.2. – it's not really problematic but the user experience could be enhanced by fixing them.

Best, Lucas

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Hi Lucas,

1) when you switch off "smooth interface", you switch off all animations, including crossfades between map zooms. Therefore, some white tiles are visible

2) route planner is another screen level so another rendering of map tiles is necessary



Hi Michal,

thanks for your answer!

Best, Lucas

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