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Convert to nav. waypoint in new Track Editor

Jürgen Holm shared this problem 6 years ago


the new one is fine, but I cannot convert a track point into a navigation waypoint anymore. This entry in the menu was removed. I always add navigation waypoints manually. Please add again.

In the old version of the track editor there are 2 arrows for navigation along the track which work good. In the new version there are 2 arrows in tiny little blue circles (on my tab) on the left bottom. If I not tapping not exactly with my thick thumb/show finger on this circle, I will leave the track editor. Really annoying.

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Good day,

currently in app are two screens that allow "work with track/route".

"Track editor" - post-editing tracks after recording. Main use case: correctly stored recorded track, because of statistics, because I want to have them correct.

"Route planner" - planning or modifying tracks/routes for later re-use, mainly for navigation purpose.

So what you are looking for is feature included in Route planner.


Hi Menion,

first of all: Locus Map is great!!

But in this case I agree with Jürgen. Convert to navigation point should be found in new track editor.

The reason is: I do long bike rides (200, 300, 400, 600 km aka Brevet) and we get a recorded track which we have to follow. So I do no real routing as you have in mind.

In the old track editor I moved some of the recorded (and sometimes inaccurate) track points or added track points to make some situations more clear - and I converted some of these points to navigation points. In one pass!

With the new track editor I have to move and add track points and I have to convert navigation waypoints in a second pass with route planner. I would like to do this in one pass (like with the old track editor).

From my point of view handling the functionality convert to navigation waypoints is closer to tracks (track editor) than to routes (route planner).


And please bigger blue circles (now ~7mm) for the navigation, or an insensitive transparent area around the circles. Otherwise, the navigation circles will disappear if not hit exactly


And widening the location of these buttons a little bit ?


There is no way to walk along the the track with the new route planer with arrow buttons like in the track editor if you want to modify some track point to navigation points. Now you have tap on the track.

But...tapping on the track sometimes works sometimes you miss the track for some millimeter. Result: a new point will be added. So, tap an undo. Sometimes you did not hit the track point exactly but the neighbor. So you have to enlage the track and try it again.

Sorry to say, but the new editor is extremely uncomfortable for this task.

Please, I want my "convert to navigation point" in the track editor back again. Or a navigation like in the track editor with bigger blue circles further apart.


Good evening Jürgen,

I understand Your complains. Unfortunately I have to say that current system is result of quite long testing and we found it a lot more comfortable for most of basic tasks. I'm aware that there will always exists cases, when new system will be worst then previous. Only what I may offer, is previous app version 3.25.5 if you are interested.

I've discussed problematic of converting between various point types, on few more places. Result is, that I've one idea in head that should be done till end of year. Anyway! it should only simplify work with Route planner. Creating navigation points in track editor is really not planned, sorry to say it.

Thanks for understanding,


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