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New Locus Pro update bricked my phone

Colin Dawson shared this question 5 years ago

Last night, about 8 hours ago, my Samsung S5 was suddenly bricked while I was browsing.

I left it for the battery to discharge overnight so I could restart.

This morning it was not actually dead but it displayed an error message about a service not able to run. The particular service was not stated.

The status bar of my phone showed a Locus icon and the message was "automatic backup complete". I have never configured Locus for automatic backup.

I started Locus and the update information page was displayed.

When I dismissed the update page, multiple error messages about file locations were displayed, and all my maps are gone.

I would say that Locus updated automatically and attempted to backup data to a cloud location. I have not enabled automatic backup. I have no cloud storage enabled on my phone.

This would have been a disaster if I was using my phone to do motorcycle navigation through Asia, as I have done many times in the past.

New features should NEVER be enabled by default. The app should not do anything automatically that could leave a user stranded, Error messages must state the app that gerated them.

I thought Locus was a good alternative to Garmin devices, but obviously I cannot trust it.

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Good day Colin,

sorry to hear about such troubles with Locus and your device. From your description, I'm close to be sure, that Locus Map has nothing to do with this problem.

Automatic backup system is in app for many many years and was always automatically enabled. Change made in latest version was that now Locus notify in case, backup was completed successfully. Few users anyway already complained on this change, so notification will be removed in next version. These backups are anyway only local. It save settings and database with points and tracks into zip file, so it may be more easily restored in case of any serious problems with database.

Fact that your maps are missing and also errors at start of app only means, that Locus Map is not able to locate it's previously used main directory with data! Such problem in most cases means some really serious problem with SD Card ( usually corrupted ) or even more serious problem with internal memory itself.

I really suggest as first step to check if in your device is directory "Locus" with data ( mainly subdirectories "data" and "maps" ) and if so, backup it into your PC if possible.

Let me know if there will be something I may help with,


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