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What strikes me in Locus Pro is that making a new WP is now more cumbersome: in previous version of Locus, on creating a new WP a window pops up with the name, that is a auto generated string with date&time. And that name used to be completely selected already; so when starting to type a name, the auto generated name would imm. disappear (overwritten) while I enter a new name on the keyboard. Quite fast and handy.

Now in Locus Pro (latest), I need to tap on the line with the name, do a zillion backspaces (or hold the BS key), or I need to hold and select all and .... That is, euh, annoying. Or did I miss a setting or so? Thanks!

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this change was made on few more places over whole application. Possitive effect is that it does not open keyboard immediately even when there is high chance that user do not want it and it also allow by single tap in middle of text, jump with cursor immediately on that place. Negative side is that it require one tap! to clear content and open keyboard. I write one tap, because immediately after opening this screen, in the end of edit line with name, should be black "delete" button, which after tap do all needed work.

Is this working for you?


Yes, great. I fully agree with this new WoW! I did not find or realize the black backspace button right on the same line. Tnx for answering this :)

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