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New Locus API PeriodicUpdate problem

hlad shared this problem 10 years ago


I tried sample application for new API (LocusAPI_android_sample) and i get some exceptions when using periodic updates:

Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug? :)

I use Locus Pro 2.8.3 on Android 4.1.2

thanks for answer

PS: Locus is great piece of software, thanks for it!

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hello hlad,

sorry for a late response. I hoped that I`ll be fast enough to release fixed version, but I`m not. On Google Code is not actual version, that`s all. I did quite a lot of changes in this first version of New API and still doing. I`ll try during this week release new version of API together with some pre-release of new Locus for testing.


Hi Hlad (nice name, in Czech it mean "I`m hungry :)" )

I just uploaded new version of API on Google Code server, so please update general API and also API for Android to make it work properly. You`ll also need a testing version, which is here

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