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New Tab: Friends Logs

Lutz Krause shared this idea 10 years ago

It would be great if there was a feature within the geocache details showing logs of your geocaching friends. I recommend another tab like it`s solved in c:geo. It`s the only geocaching-feature I still missing in Locus compared to C:geo.

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Hello Lutz,

this feature will be partially implemented in next Locus version.

By partially I mean one major difference - because c:geo download whole web page, it should filter ALL logs and display friends. Locus is not able to download all logs (they are not in PQ files) and also Geoaching4Locus do not download all logs. So Locus will show filtered friends only from already stored logs. For now.


So in today 2.20.0 version is first attempt to "Friends" in Locus.

Currently you have to only manually define their names in Menu > Settings > Geocaching.

After that, if their name appear in existing logs, this log willl be moved to top and highlighted.

If you will have any suggestions to improvements of this quite simple solution, I'll gladly discuss about it.

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