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Wolfgang shared this problem 5 years ago

Please feel free to laugh at me. But don't forget to let me know, my problem is not reproducable.;-)

In June I bought all Australia vector maps of the Locus store. They were great during my journey in October. Now we are about to organize the photos and other stuff. Therefore I virtually retravel using many of the routes recorded during the life journey. After the Locus version 3.14.0 installed I have the following problem so far only withe the map data of Victoria!:

The Locus map data is not rendered! My personal data (routes and points is shown. Please find attached some screenshots starting from the overview map and zooming into the Melbourne Area. The blue line is my personal route, the red dots are my personal stored points.

The 1st and 2nd map seem ok. The 3rd map identified by the 80km scale bar starts showing the problem: No data south of Albury. Albury can be found between Sydney an Melbourne and probably is a border town between Victoria and New South Wales (Sydney). The 4th map (10km scale bar) shows Melbourne area;-) with my personal marks.

After buying, I made a backup of the Locus vector map data to PC. I reinstlled from there the Victoria data. No change. So, the map data on my phone was ok.

Now, I moved the map with the 80km scale bar northward towards Sydney until all the map image showd well rendered New South Wales data. Moving southward from there shows no rendering entering Victoria.

Then I moved the map westward toward Adelaid (South Australia). Going back eastward to Victoria the rendering of Victoria is back!!! (last map attached).

All these described things can be reproduced after restarting the smartphone...

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Hi Wolfgang, did you check if the automatic map switch is enabled ?


Hi Michael, I have a German Locus. Thus I checked your Question as such:

I looked the main menu

Einstellungen (Options) -> Karten Erweitert (Maps Extended) ->

The attached screenshot shows the applied settings.

For translation you find in

Karten automatisch laden: Only maps of exactly the same type are loaded (Comment: I've got Locus vector maps only!)

Vektor Karten: Maps automatically loading if necessary.

Regards, Wolfgang


Hello Wolfgang,

I've just downloaded Victoria map and it seems to work correctly. What happen if you select this map in list of maps, is it working?

Because if so, then it may be really problem just as Michael wrote - in automatic loading. Which well ... is possible as this system is not perfect.


Hi Menion,

thanks for your reply. I don't exactly know, what the "list of maps is". But from your post, I did the following:

From the Locus main menu (Attachment 1, top left icon) I entered the maps menu. When tabbing on on of the maps, two scenes appear:

1. I am asked in the applicable case: "Chosen map is outside the actual view. Is the map to be centred?" (Attachment 2). Tabbing yes, this map will shown somewhere in its region.

2. If the chosen map is used for the actual view, nothing visible happens.

I of course tabbed on Victoria among others. And now, as a wonderland, I have no more rendering problem with Victoria and no other rendering problem has appeared so far.

It seems, I have a workaroround for the problem now. Thank you for that. The system need not be perfect. And keep in mind, it is a real challenging, to map spherical data to a plane surface. Thus, depending on the map scale, serious mapping difficulties will persist.


Good day Wolfgang,

if I understand correctly, map is working fine now and no more troubles happen to you?

I would like to have system perfect, but not always it is possible. Anyway direct selection of wanted map as you did is a solution that should always work.

Result of this discussion is a workaround, but not solved problem itself. I'm anyway worried that I cannot solve it for now. Improvements in automatic loading is planned, but is need a lot more work, so later.

Thank you for understanding.

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