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Wolfgang shared this question 5 years ago

Referring to my previous topic some time ago, I would like to announce, that the problem arises more relably:

When jumping among different Locus maps (now between Germany and France, newest Losus pro version, maps dated December 2015) by using privately stored Points as target, it happens rather reulularly, that the target point itself is displayed baut the surrounding map is not shown at all.

As a workaround the target map can be displayed by centering the map from the maps menu. This is rather uncomfertable, because afterwards the target point again has to be jumped to. Moreover it is not necessary to be known whether the target is part e.g. of Germany north or south.

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Good day Wolfgang,

problem with automatic selection of correct map (which is this case) is known to us and it will be probably fixed in next months. Sorry for a troubles.

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