No more free Kompass-maps since update to version 3.21.0

Thomas Eberl shared this question 2 years ago

Since the update to version 3.21.0 it is not possible to view the very useful and formerly free Kompass-maps (for Austria and Germany) anymore, without buying it in the locus store. Unfortunely there is no way to get a license for the complete package of Kompass-maps, e.g. for complete Austria. One can buy certain regions only. The price for covering all Austria and Germany is too high compared to other maps.

As a biologist working in Austria and Germany, I was using locus pro for years. One of the major advantages was the possibility to switch from satelite images to (good) topographic maps like Kompass. And very important: the

Kompass map was freely available for all regions I worked in.

I would appreciate, if locus offered a license for the complete package of Kompass-maps to an acceptable price. Without this possibility the app is now useless to me.

And by the way: The Austrian Map 1:50.00 provided by bergfex doesn`t work neither anymore.

Best regards Thomas

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Dear Thomas,

Kompass or Bergfex maps have never been in Locus Map app or Locus Store for free. However, a Locus-unauthorized software named Maptweak enabled Locus users to use these maps de facto illegally. As we have recently partnered with Kompass company we had to do a few precautions so as not to jeopardize this partnership by violating Kompass copyright. As for Bergfex maps, most probably their provider himself prevents displaying their maps in Locus - we don't block it.

Kompass map prices result from the price-setting policy of Kompass publishing house - we as a re-seller can't do anything about it.

We are sorry for the inconveniences.


Hello Michal,

with apemap, you can download complete germany, austria and north italy as Kompass map for 29,95 euro.

Thats a fair price and I will buy it if there is an offer like this in locus store. See:

I prefer locus, thats the better app, so I didn't buy it for apemap. I don't like to use two different apps for

my maps....

Another thing is that you can use cached Kompass maps in apemap for free (offline). I tried it. So they are violating

Kompass copyright ?

Best regards



Hi Schorsch,

the price of Kompass maps in Locus is the best price we can have at the moment - we are still in "testing mode" and it depends on the download rate if we drop to a cheaper price level in Kompass system.

As for the Kompass online copyright, Apemap has obviously a different contract than Locus - our licence doesn't permit online displaying Kompass maps in Locus, therefore we prevented it also from third parties.