No POIs displayed in zoom level 7+8 when grouping is enabled

mambofive shared this problem 9 years ago

When POI grouping is enabled, I don`t see any POIs in the map view in zoom levels 7 and 8.

In zoom levels 9 and above, single POIs are displayed, in level 6 and lower the groups are displayed - in level 7 and 8 only the map without any POIs.

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interesting ... please tell me how much points are you displaying and also in which area (approximate coordinates) and also on which map. All these things unfortunately may affect this problem. As I play with it, I see no problem with around 6k points all around Czech republic on Online OSM map.

if these are some public points, best should be of course, if you may send me exported points and information about map and I`ll check it on my phone


It happens with about 800 POIs in one category, most of them located in west germany.

Does it really depend on the map? It`s the same using different maps, e.g. Hike&Bike map.

I`ll send you the sqll-file via email.


tested on Xoom and no problem, then rather also on Galaxy Nexus and same issue as you had. Thanks you, file helps. It was quite a rare issue, anyway problem fixed now

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