Noaa enc (s-57) charts?

Allen Goldstein shared this question 7 years ago

What is the best format to convert NOAA electronic navigation charts (enc) in the S-57 format to? Is it better to start from the raster charts?

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Hi Allen,

Unfortunately I haven’t any experiences with converting s-57 charts. There are some steps I can suggest for you. S-57 is vector format so the best solution is converting into vector format readable by Locus.

1. Try to use ogr2ogr (windows FWTools) and convert s-57 to the shapefile.

2. Shapefile is possible to convert to the OSM format using ogr2osm

3. Then convert OSM file into *.map (mapsforge). Mapsforge is android library which enable rendering vector data. For converting use Osmosis with map-writer plugin – detailed information

I found Will Kamp’s project on Github with goals to create python scripts for converting S-57 to the mapsforge format. I didn’t test it but it seems that his solution works fain.